Lazy Re-visits: Big Mouth Diaries II

mini cake

Blog date: February 24, 2012

What’s On TV Today

I finally thought that it was time for me to do a TV show review, something I have been dreading for a very long time. So, even though this might not be a review to the T, it is definitely an attempt to applaud a wonderful effort on TV, something that is rarely seen these days.

‘Fabulous Cakes’ on TLC (which also happens to be the TV channel I generally stay glued to mostly) is one of the most engaging food shows for a self-confessed dessert whore. The show has the most crisp and interactive narrative format, taking on the art and architecture (believe me!) of cake making and baking it into a whole new visual delight.

The show generally features three bakeries in the US and covers their journeys of making some of the most challenging and unique cakes one will ever see. From imaginative to quirky, elegant to downright weird, these cake masters wield magic with icing and fondants.

What is most amazing about the show is that, it does not become an overtly dramatic reality show, even though you are watching three cake companies fighting against time to create and deliver their cakes. So, while you shiver when an icing is piped on wrong and breathe a sigh of relief after humongous creations have been loaded and unloaded properly, there is no nail-biting and pit-sickening drama. It is just what any baking kitchen would be like – a whirlwind of sweet creativity and madness.

Every day, while I tune in to the show during lunch, I am wonderfully surprised with confectioners using the most inspiring techniques to make cakes an even better treat. While I agree that everything can be too much of fondant and marshmallow-cereal treats, you also get to watch some inspiring techniques like liquid fondant moulding, transparent sugar candy jewels, and my favourite – blown sugar sculpture.

Blown Sugar Cake
So, tune in folks, to see how absolutely amazing and delightful the world of cake making is today, where birds are sculpted out of blown sugar balloons for a wedding cake which consisted of a hundred miniature wedding cakes and sugar candy and edible glitter makes the most fantastic edible mirror and tiara for a birthday girl’s dresser cake!

Fabulous cakes

Image Courtesy: Google Images


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