The Lazy Critic: Arnesh Ghose

Waking up. Never late on work-days. Never early on lazy-days. Which need not be weekends.

Brushing my teeth. Toothwise. Every tooth. Planned. Meticulous. OCD(slightly).

Anglophilic. Arrogant. Snooty. Liberal(very). Loose(almost).

Growing up. Phases. Skins. Changing-Shedding-Growing-Changing.

Dreaming. Possible impossibilities. Impossible possibilities.

Stage. Lights. Colours. Bloody angry yelling ‘fuck-you-arsehole’ passion. Rape. Prostitutes. Sex, Love, and One act plays.

Film. Ray. Black and White. Paris. Venice. Calcutta. Kurosawa. Broadway.

Music. Blissful potpourri.





Art. Expressionism-Urdu-Picasso-Hussain-Renaissance-Chiaroscuro-Frida Kahlo. Hallucinogens.

Michel Foucault. Every day.

Tagore. Jazz. Brecht. Lens. Easels. Printed pages. Empty diaries. Ink blots. Fashion Magazines. Wet rain-soaked mud. Spotlights. Old clothes. New shoes. Tango. Strobes. Flamenco. Ballet. Bean bags.

Pasta. Mayonnaise. Fondue. Molten chocolate. Mousse.

Chocolate and Rum. Whiskey and drunk friends.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Friends.

Love. Love making.




One thought on “The Lazy Critic: Arnesh Ghose

  1. That neatly sums you up, except all those not so antel things that you are also very good at and you just love, one of them being ranna, Oh! Wait,that’s a very antel thing indeed for a Bengali, why is that not in the list?

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